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Vibram Arctic Grip S1219 Full Soles

Arctic Grip is a very unique compound. It is designed to provide maximum traction on wet ice area with the blue lugs – the Arctic Grip material.
The other areas of the sole are made with a compound that is called Ice Trek which is designed to help provide traction on dry ice. On each sole, there is a white plug. The white plug will turn blue when the temperature hits zero degrees celsius.
It is IMPERATIVE that repairers not trim much off these soles and that the shoe heel and ball area must sit flat to the surface.
Bonding Arctiv Grip: You will need a urethane adhesive to bond the Arctiv Grip product.
Avoid Trimming/cutting in too far
-Results in too much Arctic Grip throughout sole design.
Download Vibram Arctic Grip Flyer for more details.

295220+ S1219 Black 1 pr
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295220+ 509 511 513
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Repair P17
Innovative Technology specifically engineered and designed to perform on wet ice.
Unique polymer blend coupled with an advanced filler system / new processing technique.
Paired with Vibram Ice Trek, which yields Vibram’s best grip on dry ice.
Engineered for low temperature use. Offers Vibram performance, quality and durability.
Improved grip on cold, icy or snowy surfaces compared to existing Vibram soles.
Thermochromatic lug on each sole which turns white to blue as the temperature near 0 degrees celsius (serves as an indicator to let the wearer know temp. is low enough for ice formulation).



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